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A Unique Focus

At GPS Dance, we believe the greatest gift we can give the artistic community is a dancer who not only has a broad knowledge and strong technique, but who can apply those talents in a spirit of confidence and compassion with a commitment to community service.


Dance can be a powerful tool for developing individual leadership skill. The process of learning dance teaches our students to set goals, work effectively in teams,  creatively solve problems, and a host of other character building attributes.


We recognize that only a small percentage of our students will become professional dancers, while all of them will become professional people! At GPS Dance, we are committed to helping them become the most successful people possible.

Grace Barton, owner and Studio Director,  holds her BFA from The University of Hartford, Hartt School and is also a member of the university’s faculty, teaching Ballet. Grace's training includes extensive study with the School of the Hartford Ballet, and in the Martha Graham Modern technique. Grace has performed in NYC and the surrounding areas with Off Center Dance Theater performing various solo and ensemble roles. 

At GPS, we don’t just accept difference—we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our students and our community.  We are committed to providing opportunities for all regardless of race, color,  religion, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability or gender identity. 

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