​"Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow."

My 12yr old daughter has been dancing at Graceful Planet since she was 4 and she loves it. While my daughter does compete with them a few times a year the studio focuses more on building beautiful dancers that are strong, confident, and kind. They also give back to the community by performing at several town events. Grace even started the local chapter of the National Dance Honor Society which encourages volunteerism, hard work at school, and of course dance!                                                                                         

                                                                                        ~ Abby Hill

My daughter has been dancing at Graceful Planet for 14 years! During this time she has grown so close with the girls at the studio, especially the members on her dance teams. Graceful Planet has become a second home for her! They have supported, educated, and empowered her. The competition schedule is very manageable, and Grace also gives back to the community and has the dancers perform at various venues in town. We can’t imagine our daughter not being a part of the Graceful Planet family!!
                                                                                          ~ Moria Roche

The Graceful Planet is a great diverse studio! For my kids it has become their second family! It’s a place to learn to dance while having fun! I have watched my kids grow physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a safe place to build self confidence, learn kindness and explore creativity.

                                                                                       ~ Cami Blackwell

My daughter loves taking classes at the Graceful Planet. She adores her teachers and Grace went above and beyond to ensure she got a “recital experience” at the studio when we unexpectedly missed the real deal!

                                                                                     ~ Caitlin Lucian

Our daughter has had a wonderful experience here. Grace is patient and caring.


                                                                                   ~ Tom Miskelly

My step-daughter love Graceful Planet. She has grown so much over the last 2 years. She is self confident and proud of her hard work!

                                                                               ~ Leo Landers

What parents love about GPS DANCE! 

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